Masha Art

Arunima Srivastava

Art has remained Arunima’s first love right from her early days. Always intrigued yet fascinated by the beauty and magnificence of the surroundings, be it object, people or nature, she tries to capture and depict the same through her art. Experimenting with colors and brushes is truly meditative and transcendental experience for her and by using warm and rich tones of oil and acrylic paints; she tries to provide a strong physical presence to her paintings. She is deeply inspired by many brilliant artists and loves to observe the nuances as depicted by them. She claims to learn tremendously by following these masters par excellence. She has studied Fine Arts as one of the subjects during her graduation days.

She describes her approach as eclectic and evolving, a mix of contemporary as well as traditional art. She likes ‘realism’ and ‘impressionism’ form of art.

Professionally, she is currently working as a feature writer with one media house where she writes about Human Resources, Organizational Development and Leadership. Academically, she holds a doctorate degree in Organizational Behaviour from IIT Bombay. She aspires to create a balance between her work and life to be able to devote more time to her artistic pursuits.

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