Masha Art

Dipali Deshpande

Dipali Deshpande is a passionate artist who stands out as a different and unique artist among others in this field in present time. She is driven by her passion and seized by the love for Indian Women’s clothing. Her works seems to be out of ordinary as she includes draperies and textiles in her paintings. She chooses subjects like Still life, portraits, figurative compositions and also Landscapes. Dipali’s works shows she has a special taste about various types of fabric or textile materials. She appears to be very much interested to represent her observation concerning the texture, colour and embroidery motifs including other accessories relating to clothes we wear.
Her close surveillance regarding the details of daily use things reflects in her work. Her artistic mind is fascinated with six yard saree as she considers a saree is a kind of a powerful identity, a language for Indian woman, not just a garment. She tells stories about Indian women and their lifestyles in different way through her artworks.

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