Masha Art

Gopal Pardeshi

“My first break into the professional art arena was a one-year stint at Digikor Studio, Pune. At Digikor, I worked as a background artist designing cartoon animations. Building on my early experience, I have spent four fruitful years specializing in graphic design for web-based elearning courses created in Flash and Dreamweaver at Maximize Learning, Pune. Though landscape paintings still do tempt me, the “doors” theme remains my obsession. Shaped out of interplay among hands, wood and metal, “doors” open up a new world that my work captures on the canvas. The Maratha “Wada” culture, which thrived in Pune, is epitomized in the magnificence and impregnability of these doors dating back to the 16th century. The history of the Peshwa era is evident in every line, crack, and scale of wood, the rusting metal parts, and the resilient I-withstood-the-onslaught-of-time-and-seasons texture of these doors. These doors signify not only the texture of timelessness but also time knocking on a culture.”

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