Masha Art

Hemavathy Guha

Born in 1975 in Tamil Nadu, Guha’s work is straightforward, bright, and has an idyllic momentum to it. Demonstrating a fascination for natural and geometric forms, Guha painstakingly replicates the images on her surface, creating lyrical groups of forms that are indifferent to each other and yet have meaning only as a collective whole.

Guha’s preferred medium is oil on canvas; working figuratively, she clones a single shape in various sizes, filling up the canvas with multiples of a single form. Using a vivid palette and a deliberately contrasting background, she manages to render for her groups of figures a context or setting in which to exist. Guha’s work is at once playful and narrative, and easily recognizable due to the uniqueness of the form. “I find most of the women in India especially in rural areas live a very secluded life and they do not come and venture out in the open. This is what I have depicted here. I have made this arch above these women. I have not shown any facial features as they may belong to India or elsewhere. These lines and dots are an inspiration from the Indian Folk Art. These lines and dots add a dimension to my paintings.”

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