Masha Art

Manjula Selvam

Working on my own with fabric is the meditation which enlightens my soul. I had my own fashion studio called Ishta, auroville, where I designed garments for adults and kids. I also created accessories, observing and experimenting with different qualities of fabrics, I dreamt about inventing a new dimension with fabric to enhance the form of art. That’s when I started to venture wall hangings on canvas boards with fabric and textures instead of paint, a field in which I’m more comfortable and confident at. This fabric art was created spontaneously with materials that I already had. each day would be a surprise for me as I never planned anything in prior. as I was always looking forward to create something unique, this gave me complete satisfaction after my first exhibition in auroville. The movements of nature, its abundance and its generosity, all these expressions were reflected in my designs. each canvas is stitched through with a needle directly to obtain perfection. Work progressed into a beautiful expression of joy through the connection of pristine colors, textures, movements and forms that speaks a new language and narrates a story regardless of the background. “The combination of colors, its textures and designs sparks up the feeling of inner joy” “Original and Unique work that cannot be replicated by myself” – a compliment by an observer at my exhibition in auroville. It was a treasure to my eyes to see happiness in everyone, seeing them connects to each piece with their own imagination. I was to portray and inspire others through my work, my bondage with the larger consciousness of the world that celebrates life’s abundance, its creative potential to manifest joy and love with each of us.

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