Masha Art

Monisha Sehgal

Art has been a part of me ever since I can remember. The visual appeal and the fragrance of colours, the touch and feel of their texture is as therapeutic to me as meditation. While it started off, like for most artists as a passive interest and vocation, it soon became my passion. The vibrancy of colours, opportunity to express oneself through multiple mediums, an avenue to convey a thousand untold stories through the brush strokes not only inspires me but also brings about lot of peace and tranquillity to me.

My ever-increasing interest and pursuit of perpetual improvement made me to qualify in Western Art from NAFA, Singapore and later in Fine Arts from India. It was during these years that I dabbled in various mediums like oil, acrylic, charcoal etc and explored different genre and forms like real life, portraits, landscapes and abstracts. Connecting with the hugely talented artists and their invaluable feedback was not only a constant challenge but also a great source of inspiration.

This was instrumental in my getting opportunities to exhibit my work to a larger audience. Conceptualizing and visualizing human emotions and then going beyond their expressed feelings by experimenting with different mediums and a variety of shades and colours brings about my creative best and gives me an immense sense of fulfilment. My artworks are generally vibrant in color and display my eye for detail. It gives me immense pleasure and a sense of pride to see my works gracing walls of Art Galleries and collectors wordwide.

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