Masha Art

Pooja Agarwal

I am an Artist based in Gurgaon. I Specialise in expressing my thoughts using novel 3Dimensional techniques on organic wooden surface, using acrylic and oil colours.

My art is a literature of my thoughts. Each painting presents dimensions of my life, as they unfold, a kind of a diary. It reflects on what brought me peace and a goal in life in that phase.
The idea of being able to move things around within the space of the mind is a magical power which we human beings possess. This inspired me to make use of Perspective to highlight the uniqueness and individuality of the expressions.

Thus, painting my meditation series titled “The Path Within” and “Circles of Life.”
Perspective rationalises the representation of space and provides an illusion of depth while creating a 3 D world for the viewer. Thus, another one of the paintings has been aptly named “Gullibility of Human Senses.”
In this journey I discovered that the 3 rd dimension can convey a lot more by implying movement towards our ideals. The intriguing part of the paintings is that those parts of the picture which seem farthest away are actually physically the nearest to the viewer, similar to what we discover during Meditation.

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