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Rahul Dangat

Rahul Dangat is a Mumbai based artist, who earned his G.D Art Painting from Bharti Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune and BFA Painting from M.M.K College of Visual Art, Gulbarga. Rahul spent most of his childhood and adolescence in the farms.The rustic and earthy colours filled his life in the early years and now adorn his canvas.

Lines are an important part of Rahul’s paintings which also create the signature texture and effect in his paintings. A combination of warm and cool hues along with the intersecting vertical and horizontal lines, bring a balance in his painting. His paintings bring the mild fragrance of soil from the country side and have the soothing effect of first rains on the mind. He started his career in late 90s and over the years, he has earned awards and have exhibited his work in many solo and group shows.

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