Masha Art

Satheesh Kanna

I like working with abstract forms from within my innermost senses that the exterior world deems impractical and illogical. My thoughts reflect and evoke my inner feelings into space. This state of mind not just helps me in painting but realizing myself as well. My painting is an expression of the entanglement of my conscious and subconscious mind.

Satheesh Kanna was born and brought up in Tiruchipally, Tamil Nadu. From his very childhood, he was interested in drawing and painting. In 1996, he joined the college of fine arts, Kumbakonam and in 2003, he graduated with a masters in fine arts from Chennai. Presently, Sateesh works as an artist along with being a digital artist for the gaming industry. His paintings have a tendency to start from fundamentals such as dot, line, geometrical, regular and irregular forms which are then shaped by Satheesh’s personal likes and dislikes. Sateesh Kanna has participated in many group exhibitions and his paintings have also been showcased at the Asian Prom Art exhibition in Singapore.

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