Masha Art

Sunita Agarwal

As I grew up in Kolkata, hub of art and culture. I was always drawn towards human emotions and expressions. It was magical to be able to put them on canvas which enthusiastically motivated me to become visual artist.
During my years in Birla Academy of Art and Culture from the year 1987-1990 I have done ample work and was appreciated by many. This led to many opportunities for various exhibitions.
There is always a story telling element in my creative process highlighting social issues on women and children. It illustrates my perceptions,feelings,sentiments and translating them through line with subtle play of colour. My work is evocative and reflective of varying shades of human emotions. To bring out new perspective of emotions is my aim.
I was initially drawn to form by Karuna Saha eminent woman artist and equally strong woman herself. I had privilege to work under her guidance in kolkata.
I have also been fascinated by works of Amrita Shergill ,Gustav klimt, Dali Ali Cavanaugh to name few.

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