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Vivek Kumavat

Vivek Kumavat holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Sir J.J. School of Arts (2001), and A.T.D from Khiroda, Jalgaon (1996). In the modern day and age, Vivek takes the Indian zebu bull or Lord Shiva’s vehicle, putting him on his canvas and bringing Shiva again to the audience. On the body of the gentle sacred bull, Vivek painstakingly draws stories from Shiva’s life. In the background, a modern take of Shiva through an intricate lithograph is always present, never letting the mind of the viewer to wander from the thoughts of Shiva. For more than a decade, Vivek has researched and drawn the sacred bull and Shiva. Vivek’s popularity with his patrons and art connoisseurs is due to his attention to details and his ability to use vibrant colors in a lyrical harmony. Vivek Kumavat paintings have been a part of over 20 group shows and solo exhibitions. Jehangir Art Gallery, Sir J.J. Applied Art Gallery, Mumbai, and the Triveni Kala Sangam Art Gallery, New Delhi, are a few galleries where his solo shows have been held. He has also been a part of international group shows such as Colors Screen Art Show, Dubai, and a Group Show, Singapore.

For Vivek, popularity as an artist has come early through his hard work and dedication. To add a modern yet ethnic touch to your art collection, Vivek’s art is a must-have. Buy Vivek Kumavat paintings online!

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